My Happy Place

There’s a place that I go to that makes me feel happy.

A place that holds memories from my childhood with my sister and my parents that are engrained in my heart and documented in old VHS tapes and slightly faded photographs.

I think of this place often and when I can go back. I remember it with fond memories and loving thoughts. There was magic there so long ago, and the magic has never ended.

It’s kept me happy when things have been hard.

It’s carried me through thick and thin.

It’s a place I now go to and make new memories with my children. These new memories are planted over my old memories in a layered, magical, and special experience that brings me joy and happiness at every turn.

I always cry in this place, but I can’t help it! I get all the feelings when I’m in this happy place.

It brings me back to those moments when I was just a little girl, holding my parents’ hands, with a smile on my face, skipping around without a care in the world.

Our family vacations there were some of the best moments of my life. And I know when my parents brought us through those park gates, they felt like I feel now; filled with love, pride and happiness.

Last week, my family went back to my happy place, Walt Disney World. There is no place like it. I have so much to share about our Disney Social Media Moms Celebration experience. SO MUCH.

But for now, I just wanted to share this.

Thank you to the Disney Team for making this event one to remember forever and thank you for inviting this little girl at heart. My whole family thanks you.

Mama MOE at DisneySMMC Walt Disney World

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