#KinderMom New Egg Announcement

What is it about pink for girls and blue for boys that gets everyone talking?

Well, for one thing it is placing a child in a category before they can even decide anything on their own.

For another, girls look really cute in pink.

As you can see I’m torn in this debate!

I think the whole gender/colour and toy labelling really gets people talking whichever way you look. I would love to explore this a lot further in another blog post, but for now the great people at Kinder have given me the opportunity to share with you their newest Kinder chocolate eggs. Kinder has come out with Barbie and Hot Wheels toys in their eggs. The Barbie Kinder eggs even have pink wrapping on them. If you think I am going to tell you that the Barbie Kinder eggs are for girls and the Hot Wheels Kinder eggs are for boys, you are wrong.

One of my children absolutely loves all things pink and purple. This same child loves princesses, mermaids, and butterflies. And this wonderful child of mine is a boy. When he saw the Kinder eggs come to the door, his first reaction was this: “Mama, they sent a box of pink chocolate eggs just for me!” Yes, my little man is the only one, aside from mama, that loves all things pink. So naturally, he figured the pink box was all his!

Since the time my little ones were babies, they have all had the same amount of gender neutral toys. I never labelled a toy “for girls” or “for boys”. My children have had stuffed animals, pretend play foods, dinosaurs, trucks, you name it! One day they might play non-stop with baby dolls, feeding them and taking care of them, while another day they might play rough and tough with dinosaurs.  

My point is this; if you give a child a bit of everything, they may perhaps choose a gender specific toy out of their own choice. But they will also become a well-rounded, more acceptable child, able to experience all toys and games without a stigma marked on each toy they touch.

So my friends, the Hot Wheels are zooming around in our house, and the Barbie bracelets are being worn as well. They have stamped their Barbie stamps all over the place, and they continue to enjoy the other creatures and toys that surprise them with each egg. We have shared our eggs with girls and boys and my kids have been happy to do so. My little man has yet to open a Barbie in a Kinder egg, and I think when he does he will jump off his chair. The joy that Kinder brings my kids is a great thing, and I am happier than ever to be a #KinderMom.

To kick off the launch of the new egg toys, Kinder Canada will be giving away 40 Kinder Barbie Hot Wheels Prize Packs! Be sure to check it out on their Facebook page (contest deadline in February 8th so get on it!).

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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Torviewtoronto February 3, 2013 at 2:31 am

lovely new toys #kindermom

bubblesbeauty April 1, 2013 at 2:37 pm

I like that you have socialized your children to like both “male” and “female” toys. I feel like children and their parents have been gender socialized and gender stereotyped from an early age. I guess it would make me think that when we are young we are almost taught to think a certain way about gender and toys. For example, boys are associated with blue, and girls pink. Back in the day it was the opposite! Pink and associated with red and was a harsher colour, where as blue was a soft colour.

Many institutions (parents, school, friends) reinforce gender norms. I work at an after school program. Last week one of the girls were crying because the boys wouldn’t allow her to play with them with a castle toy and told her, “Girls aren’t supposed to play with castles!”.

It is definitely an interesting topic! Great job at giving your children the choice to choose which toys they play with!


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