Best Reads of 2011

Last year I celebrated my one year bloggiversary. And during that year, I managed to grow my blog in such a way I didn’t even know possible at the beginning of the year. I’m really enjoying writing when I get the time (I have three little ones under five, you do that math). But one of the best, BEST things that I experienced through blogging this past year has got to be all the wonderful posts I have read. Some have been sad, some happy, and some downright hilarious! I have enjoyed what each one of them has brought to me. So I thought, to begin this new year, I could share with you some my favourites from 2011.

I have had the great privilege of meeting some of these bloggers and I now can call some of them my friends – which is so mind-boggling to me. In fact, some of them are in my hometown and I would have never met them had it not been for blogging. I hope you get the chance to read these posts and enjoy them as much as I have. And, of course, if you do love them like I do, be sure to let them know with a comment (we all love getting comments!). Keep in mind this is not a blogroll, although that may be a project for this year. There are so many more posts that touched me is some way. I will continue to mention them during the year because I am a firm believer of passing on a great read.

If you have any posts you loved this past year, please leave the link in a comment below.

Happy New Year to you all and here is to new posts, great reads and everlasting friendships! Cheers!

This post went viral and after you read it, you will know why. If you haven’t seen this post by The Bloggess, be ready to laugh your butt off!

That’s Why You Should Learn To Pick Your Battles

I came across Crappy Pictures from a mama friend. This is another funny read…because it is 100% true:

Public Toilets Vs Girls and Boys

I always go to check what Jen at Little Miss Mocha has to say in her blog. Her posts are very heartfelt and I have found them inspiring as well:

Precious Cargo

…and when I wasn’t sure of how to get ready for my first social media conference, I read this:

What You Should Bring To A Conference

An honest and loving post from my friend Patty at Positively Pampered Patty. It’s very personal and made me dig deeper for my own posts:

My Memory Garden

And a little something else that made me crack up last year:

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Jen @littlemissmocha January 2, 2012 at 5:28 am

The kindest of thanks for including me in this post. I’m happy the posts spoke to you! Happy New Year to you.


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