• Where is your spark?
    Does it come from reading a classic novel? Does it come from seeing a new movie or a unique piece of art? Does it come from an act of kindness that you see in your passing day? What is it that sets something off deep down inside you and makes your eyes widen with excitement?

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  • Last year I celebrated my one year bloggiversary. And during that year, I managed to grow my blog in such a way I didn’t even know possible at the beginning of the year. I’m really enjoying writing when I get the time (I have three little ones under five, you do that math). But one of the best, BEST things that I experienced through blogging this past year has got to be all the wonderful posts I have read. Some have been sad, some happy, and some downright hilarious! I have enjoyed what each one of them has brought to me. So I thought, to begin this new year, I could share with you some my favourites from 2011.

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