On Air at The Jewel for #SFTH2017

It may have been quiet here on AskMamaMOE.com but trust me when I say I’ve been working like a fiend on the other side! From a trip to Toronto for the last (sniff) BConnected Conference to educate myself further in the blogging world, to promoting for the charity event, to a special secret project for my 40th birthday coming real soon, I have been busy. And that is just on the work side! The #mamalife is still a 24/7 gig with school volunteering, lunches to be made, doctors appointments, hugs and homework. Luckily for me, Papa MOE steps up something fierce to help out while I’m in full Shopping From The Heart 2017 mode.

Having the opportunity to speak with those I admire in the community is an added bonus to this special event. This week, I had he pleasure of speaking with Ted Bird and Tom Whelan at The Jewel 106.7 .

If you didn’t get a chance to hear my spot on The Jewel, Ted kindly sent me a copy to share. Have a listen for more details on what’s happening May 8th:

It was a pleasure sitting with Ted and Tom to talk about my fourth baby, #SFTH2017. I hope I get the chance again to chat with them, they were so welcoming and sweet.

For more information on #SFTH2017, and to see all the vendors and sponsors participating, visit the website: www.shoppingfromtheheart.ca

You can purchase tickets or donate once you’re on the site.

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