How to Make Snow – A Fun Family Experiment

The video below was made five years ago (time flies!).
Guess what? We did it again this year!
We hilariously thought we would go for a walk in the cold and lasted under 10 minutes at -30 degree weather. We decided we do not need to go out for long on days like these.
Instead, we had FUN.
We made snow over video chats for nieces and nephews that live in warmer climates. It would never be something they could do, so they thoroughly enjoyed it!

How do you like my old YouTube video?!

To make your own snow only requires two things: extreme cold weather and boiling hot water.

In this video you can see I gave the boys half a cup of the hot water and they had mittens on, just in case their hands slipped.  I loved how they all ran to catch the giant wave of snow I made for them!

Have you ever tried this experiment? I’m not a fan of cold weather, but this always makes we smile.

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