Halloween Treats for School Days

This year, Halloween lands on a weekday and for young kids, many come to school with treats for their friends. I’m on the fence about that for a few reasons. First, you have to be very careful what you send to school as a treat; our school doesn’t really encourage candy as a snack. Second, even if it’s Halloween and an exception to the rule, the school remains a nut-free environment, so you have to find something everyone can have. Third, if you are lucky to find nut-free, some poor little one might be dairy-free too and then they are left out.

I have given out fun things in the past instead of sweet treats, but this year, I have something I know everyone will find delicious, and they can eat it right at school.

Squoosh Spinapple is still our favourite!

My boys love Squoosh and Slammers as a healthy snack at school. They are sweet, tasty and fast to eat on the go when they want to get out and play. I love them because they are a healthy, superfood snack. I don’t need to tell you diabetes and obesity are on the rise among kids. This is a great addition to snacks for school, and we also love them when we go for car rides and long activities.

I found these paper treat bags at the dollar store. It’s easy to make a healthy treat special for Halloween.

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