10 Ways To Get Through Winter Blues

If you are feeling like winter will never end, you are not alone. Living in Quebec, the winters are long and cold. I can honestly say, I am always shocked when winter is still around with such strength at the end of February and early March. By mid-February, we have all had enough. Currently, my house has a collection of bulldozed blocks of ice from the road that the city moved on to our front lawn, our driveway is a skating rink, and my car practically laughs at me when I start it up to go out in this -100000 weather (I may be exaggerating).

The worst part is that children have not been able to enjoy the weather because it is mainly ice and so they cannot play in the snow or enjoy the school recess and lunch breaks. In fact, many times, their breaks are indoors, not allowing them to let off steam in the day.

So how can we help our children and ourselves enjoy…oh, who am I kidding, I mean, get through the rest of this cold weather? Here are a few suggestions I have that are tried and true.

  1. Shine bright – creating a warm and sunny ambiance indoors can help combat the dark afternoons we are facing. I have to say, just seeing the sun shine from indoors feels like a blessing, but when it’s overcast AND cold, I feel down. So, investing in a light therapy lamp can help your later work days feel less depressing.
  2. Visual Motivation – it might seem counter intuitive to display a sunny beach on the wall, but it’s not. It’s not so much a tease, as it is something to look forward to. And better still, are sunny pictures with your family. We have a digital frame in our living room that shows us pictures of our recent summer vacations and it boosts our mood with every picture.
  3. Hygge it up – the Danish way of life that encourages you to stay cozy and warm is something I am fully on board with. Have a crackling fire going, cover up in a bunch of blankets and pillows with your family and cozy up for a movie.
  4. Laughter is the best medicine – speaking of movies, find fluffy and funny movies to watch with the family. The more we laugh, the better we feel. And if you can believe it, as children we laugh hundreds of times a day versus as adults, we might laugh only a few times a day!
  5. Bust a move – whether it’s a dance party in the living room or a full-on exercise routine, find something that will get your heart pumping. Kids cramped indoors because it’s too cold, and parents unwilling to get outside make for a home of spent individuals. Find a way to burn it off. We like popping in a Just Dance and competing with our best shimmies.
  6. Sing songs – God bless my boys because they still love to sing. They belt out random songs any given time of the day (yes, even before my coffee at too-early-in-the-morning o’clock). Most of the time I love it, because their spirits shine with happiness when they sing.
  7. Get pampered – when I have just had it with this weather, I will try a way to make myself feel extra special. Sometimes, it’s just a quick manicure or a foot soak at home, other times, it’s a scheduled appointment with my local spa center, Spa Curage. If I can take the time, I love getting a facial, pedicure and manicure! That is my trifecta of wellness. For you it might be a massage or lash extensions, who knows? Whatever makes you feel extra special is worth doing when you need some help feeling good.
  8. All Out – yes, outside. Maybe not for a long time, and maybe not for anything more than a walk, but make it a point to get fresh air. It will clear your mind, stimulate your creativity and calm your breathing. I personally look like I’m a walking sleeping bag, but I don’t care. Getting a bit of fresh air helps bust your winter blues.
  9. Take a whiff – The sweet smell of spring flowers or the zest of lemon makes me instantly feel better. It’s no wonder essential oils are so popular these days, with all their benefits. I start my morning now with a few drops of lemon essential oil in my diffuser. My office smells fabulous and it keeps me staying focused while I work.
  10. Rest – I haven’t tried the crazy weighted blankets everyone is talking about, but I do know that I sleep better when I have a few layers of blankets on me, so here must be something to it. I also know that resting up truly helps with my mood. This is a hard one for mamas, and I am not one for sleeping much, but if winter is rough where you are, sleeping regular hours consistently will help…at least that is what I’m told 😉

I hope this list helps you get through these last weeks of cold weather and icy days. Before we know it, spring will be here…right?!!

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Natasha March 20, 2019 at 12:01 pm

Thanks for these ideas…it has been a long winter.

ivy pluchinsky April 21, 2019 at 12:17 pm

Such great ideas for the wintertime blues.

Twingle Mommy Kristy Reid May 3, 2019 at 9:48 am

These are great ideas – I live in the North and winter is long and cold here. It’s snowing right now (May 3rd!). When you live in a cold climate, you learn to embrace it. But new ideas on how to beat the blues are always welcome!


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