What Would Anna Do?

I have Anna hair. I mean, I have Anna from Frozen hair. And I don’t mean that sweet, strawberry blond/light ginger hair colour. I have the streak of white hair in the middle of my head, like a blast of Frozen was cast on me without my doing. Yep, my kids think that is cool.

Before Frozen, I was a “part skunk” according to my kids. So Frozen Anna hair is definitely a step up.

The thing is, I’m a relatively young mama and I have dark brown hair, so the streak of white in the middle of my head is not really a great fashion statement. It’s not even in a cool spot like near my face, which is something sported by cool people like Bonnie Raitt or Stacy London, or JC Little.

Turns out there is an actual medical name for it called somatic mutation, which is a fancy way for saying I have a birth mark on my scalp that changes my hair colour in that one section. Usually the birth mark is just that, a mark from birth. In my case it popped up a couple of years ago. Some people say it could suddenly show up due to a trauma or stress…no comment.

I have never dyed my hair on a regular basis but now with this prominent streak and lots of new…um…Frozen inspired hair growing in, I thought it was time to give my hair an update. I have been waiting on putting this wash-out colour because when I mentioned it, one of my three didn’t like the idea.

To be exact, he sat on my lap, stared into my eyes and stroked my hair saying “But mama, I love your hair.”

This has gone on for two weeks.

Every time he looks into my eyes, my heart melts, and I find it a valid enough reason to not dye my hair.

I finally explained to him that all I will do is cover up the white hair and make it the same color as the rest of my hair. That made him feel a little better, but he did tell me he liked the white hair just as much… If he loves it, why don’t I love it too? Why don’t we all love our natural changing hair colour? If Anna was a real person and not a fictional character in a Disney movie, would she dye her hair or wear that streak proudly?

So I ask you, dear readers, do you dye your hair? Do you rock a white streak? I want to know.

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Patty January 7, 2015 at 3:43 am

I’ve decided not to dye mine and Let it go, let it go, let my beautiful glitter grow!


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