Stick It To Them with Stickerkid {Back-to-School Label Review}

It’s one of those things we are required to do as parents with school-aged children: labeling.


Every. Thing.

I still remember, back in my elementary school days, my father would sit at the kitchen table with a thin indelible marker, and write my name on every single pencil crayon for school. Because there was an actual blank spot on each pencil crayon for that reason. Remember? I also remember him making us covers for our text books out of paper grocery bags. Have I dated myself? Do you remember these moments in your childhood too? Good times!

Back-to-school was always a fun time for getting new supplies but when it came to labeling, it was a tedious task. And now as a parent, I shudder to think of doing that for all three of my children.

Luckily I don’t have to, thanks to Stickerkid.

Stickerkid was founded in 2004 and is now run by Swiss-German couple, Chris and Doerthe who are young parents. They fell in love with Stickerkid and the concept of top quality products that keep children from losing their stuff.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of labels, Stickerkid has developed labels that withstand 60 wash cycles at 45 degrees Celsius without any problem. And when it comes time to remove them, they can be easily removed as well. As for the iron-on labels for clothes, they can withstand up to 45 machine washes at up to 60 degrees Celsius. No need to worry about popping clothes in the dryer, these labels are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant as well.

StickerKids pack_l_thermo

Here’s an example of one of Stickerkid’s back-to-school packages

The Order Process:

It couldn’t have been simpler to order these labels. The process was seamless and my kids enjoyed choosing their labels so much.

What I loved was that within the package we chose (My First Classes), it was clearly marked how many labels of each kind you would get, AND you could choose different colours, fonts and images for all the different styles. This gave each child four choices to make their labels unique for them. And there are so many choices!

Once we were done choosing and we checked our orders, it was a simple click to process the order, add our mailing address and payment method, and it was done.

The Delivery:

Even though the labels are created across the ocean, delivery was ridiculously fast. As the brand claims on the website, 95% of its labels ordered are shipped within 24 hours. My order was clearly in that percentile because I got my orders in just a few days. To be specific, I placed my order online on a Friday and got my order in the mail by Wednesday. If you are worried about shipping costs, don’t be. Stickerkid ships to Canada for just $1.95. My children were so excited when they saw their labels in the mail, they immediately opened them up and started labeling. In my opinion, that is another great bonus – the boys wanted to help with the process of labeling everything because they were proud of their labels!

shoe labels from Stickerkid

A happy helper, getting his shoes ready for school (please note that my child’s name has been blocked for privacy purposes).

The Quality:

All of the Stickerkid labels are manufactured in Switzerland, with no outsourcing. I found the labels to be well made, and very malleable. The flexible adhesive is perfect for slightly awkward containers or supplies. The text on the labels was clear, the images were pretty and the colours were nice and bright. My kids were thrilled with their choices, and so was I.

Does it stand up to the wear and tear of children at school? So far so good. I’ve placed the labels on our water bottles and food containers and they have been washed in the dishwasher without any problem. As for the labels on the school supplies, they are in the first weeks of school so I cannot accurately give an answer to this. However, if they withstand as well as they are supposed to, I will be a very happy mama.

The Promotion:

If you are still on the fence about buying labels since you already have a working indelible marker and an infinite amount of time (yeah, right!), let me make this easy for you. Aside from having amazing package deals right now for back-to-school, StickerKid is also offering readers a promo code for another 10% off for the month of September (use promo code skca).

I recommend Stickerkid for your labeling needs. And you really do need them!

Tips on Labeling:

When it comes to labeling, there are a few things to consider, especially if you have more than one child going to school. Here are my top tips for making it a success:

  • Involve your children with the order process – once you have chosen what you will actually purchase, let them choose the style for the labels. It will make them feel important and proud to label their things themselves.
  • If you have more than one child purchase labels with just their last name. This way, if you have children sharing clothes (for example school uniforms, or twins in my case!), there will be no fighting over identical clothes with identical labels. Also, it will prevent you from having to change labels for your younger child once they need hand-me-down clothes that your older child outgrows.
  • Try to find the flattest surfaces when labeling food containers. It will prevent the labels from lifting slightly on the edges with time.
  • Be sure when you are ironing on the labels for clothes, to not use the steam setting on your iron. As well, use a handkerchief or light towel over the labels when ironing on, to prevent contact and melting.

SAFETY TIP: when it comes to labeling backpacks, do not label your child’s name on the outside of the backpacks. You want their bags labelled on the inside so it’s not visible for strangers to call out their name (you can never be too safe). If your child is insisting on personalizing their backpack, consider badges, or iron-on stickers.

Good luck on the labeling, mamas! For more information on Stickerkid, click here to visit their website here.

Disclosure: I was given labels for my children from Stickerkid in order to facilitate this review. However, as always, all opinions are honest and my own.

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Jasmine Sng December 28, 2017 at 11:05 pm

Hi how do I contact Stickerkid? They printed my name wrongly and I have tried many ways to email them and even Facebook PM them but no response at all.

Julia a.k.a Mama MOE February 6, 2018 at 2:05 pm

Sorry to hear that, Jasmine. I worked with them a while ago but maybe check for local representative where you live. Good luck!

CustomStickersNow August 10, 2023 at 10:04 am

I’m glad to hear that you’ve found Stickerkid. Their labels sound like a great solution for labeling school supplies. I love that they’re durable and can withstand being washed and dried. That’s definitely important for kids who are always on the go.


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