#KinderMom & Easter Go Together Nicely!

I have to admit, when I was chosen to be a Kinder Mom for this campaign, I looked far ahead to Easter and grinned from ear to ear!

As you may have read once or twice, my kids don’t really like chocolate if it’s not Kinder chocolate. So Easter most definitely includes Kinder eggs during their egg hunt on Sunday morning.

And that is pretty much the only sweet thing they receive on Easter Sunday, honest! The rest will be little trinkets. A few favourites are stickers or temporary tattoos, small books, music, and small toys.During the time of Lent (forty days before Easter), the kids and I refrain from having chocolate. It’s been a part of my tradition for this holiday for decades, and now my kids are doing it too. Surprisingly, they have held out really well! Even when my father-in-law sent chocolate to them in the mail (!), they all informed me to please put it aside until after Easter (yes, I was very proud!).

But things got a little crazy when I received the Kinder Mom extravaganza package in the mail to prep for Easter:

If you could only imagine their faces…it was a cross between total excitement and utter torture!

But they are holding out strong! Unbelievably, there is only one week before Easter! I can’t tell if they are happier to dive in to the chocolate or rip open the eggs to find the new toys! You can check out the new toys here and vote for your favourite.

I hid away the Kinder package so I wouldn’t torture them more, but I wanted to show you this:


THIS is smart. I love this! Last year we did the whole colouring hard boiled eggs thing and it was fun and most likely we will do it again. But, this is a project you can do long before Easter and it is perfect for little hands. Also, the egg covers you paint can be saved for the following year, and you can see the progression of your child’s art – isn’t that special? They are perfect for decorative Easter trees inside. Our tradition is to decorate our eggs closer to Easter, but now this could be a project to do earlier and put away until a day or two before Easter.  Which reminds me, I have to take down my St Patrick’s Day decorations and put up my Easter decorations. Easter is so early this year! Luckily, Kinder helped me out. Did I mention I love being a Kinder Mom?

But seriously, I think the egg decorating kit from Kinder is perfect for young children. I would recommend this as a great addition to your Easter traditions. What are you Easter celebration traditions?

Here is another little tip for Easter decorating: If you have a child that is too young to draw inside the lines, let them go to town with scribbles on a paper. Then cut the shape of an egg out and voila: a decorated Easter egg to put up! Your little ones will be so proud of their eggs!
Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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