Better Than Clubbing – Dance The Night Away at Le Balcon in Montreal

Are you looking for a more mature, alternative to clubbing in Montreal? This is the place, and it’s even better than the club scene.

I feel it imperative to start this blog post with a very strong statement, and that is, I love dancing.

When I went out with my friends to clubs, dancing was my favourite part of the night. Not the drinking, or meeting guys, it was dancing alone that brought me out every time. Dancing with my friends was so much fun. We would lip-synch to the songs, we knew the moves to each era of music, and we would dance all night, until we couldn’t dance anymore (which was usually very late).

As I got older, going dancing in clubs was number one, not feasible, and number two, gross. You know what I mean, it wasn’t my scene anymore. I became too old for the clubs, but I still wanted to dance. Soon going out was only for special occasions, like someone’s birthday or a wedding. Going to a wedding meant I was going to dance! Even if my husband didn’t want to keep dancing, I had my kids with me, and they loved dancing when they were little.

Weddings have dwindled, but there have been charity galas or press events, and those are absolutely incredible. Fantastic DJs playing “our” music, getting us all so happy to hear the 80s and 90s music we grew up on and love. But how many events can you have like that each year? I wanted to find somewhere that I could have the best music, a fun time with friends, not the clubbing scene, and dance the night way.

I found it. Le Balcon in Montreal is a treasure right in the heart of Montreal.

Take Me to Church

Located inside St. James Church, Le Balcon is in the very back of the church. At first glance, we thought we might be in the wrong place, but the sign for Le Balcon was clearly marked outside. Walking through a quiet, empty church in the evening is a peaceful and eerie, but before we knew it we heard a lively atmosphere.

There is a coat check for you before entering the main area, and then you are brought to your seat. We had the absolute pleasure of having a table for two in the front, next to the stage. We were greeted with a sparkling wine and asked for our choices on the set menu. As we sipped on our sparkling wine and soaked in the ambience of this unique location, we were serenaded by a gentleman at the piano. He sang an Italian ballad and it was a beautiful start to the evening.

As we ate our meal and music played in the background, I felt like I had been taken away to a secret club. Everyone there was having a wonderful time. Some were in big groups celebrating a milestone birthday or other event, while my husband and I were having a romantic dinner for two among the crowd.

Chanel Allaire performing at Le Balcon

The Entertainment

Next, we were surprised by a cabaret set by dancer, Chanel Allaire. She began up high on the balcony and worked her way down with the help of some waiters. It was a trilling performance and got us in the mood to move.

Before we knew it, the band made there way to the stage. The night of our visit, we had the pleasure of seeing the band, Off The Wall perform. The evening set was called Celebration and the songs included hits from the 50s all the way to the 90s. There was not one song we didn’t know the words to, and it was so fun to enjoy music from every decade. It reminded me of going to a wedding because wedding bands can play the best music to get everyone on their feet.

The band, Off the Wall, performing at Le Balcon

Speaking of getting up on your feet, everyone (really everyone) jumped up as soon as the band began to play. We had enough room to in front of our table to dance the night away. It was so fun! Off The Wall band is absolutely fantastic. Each person in the band brought full energy all night and it was so entertaining.

The great thing about Le Balcon is that they showcase many different bands and styles of music during their monthly schedules. Depending on what you want to hear, you can opt for jazz, soul and R&B, disco…the choices are endless! I can’t wait to go back and hear another band perform.

We had a delicious, sweet pie for dessert to close the meal and before we knew it, the night was over. You know you had a good time, when you wish the band would keep playing. We left so happy with plans to come back for events with friends.

Fantastic posters decorate the bar area at Le Balcon

The Details

Now that summer is here, Le Balcon offers another option for their evenings, as they have an open terrace in front of St James Church. Music is played right on the street and summer nights can be enjoyed in the open air.

Inside, the dinner and show experience is what we went to. The meal is served before the show, and it was recommended to arrive between 5:30 and 7pm. There is a set menu that includes two choices of appetizers, and three choices of main course meals. There are also options for vegetarian and gluten free meals, but you need to let the restaurant know upon your arrival. There is also a bar to one side of the venue. The full menu with prices is available on the website.

There is also the option to come just for the show and not have the meal (although, I really enjoyed the full experience and highly recommend it!). If you opt for the show only, you are invited to sit in the balcony above, and you have the option of ordering a drink and/or appetizers.

Yet another option is to visit Le Balcon for a Gospel brunch experience on Saturdays. With a different menu and different music, this is another totally different experience and one I would love to attend as well. And did you know that Le Balcon is an official location for the Montreal Jazz Festival events? There is so much to experience at Le Balcon!

I can’t think of a better venue for a special occasion with friends and family. No need for clubbing to dance, and this feels even better! As you can tell by my very positive review, I will absolutely be back.

For a full list of their events, menus and details, visit

Disclosure: I was invited by Le Balcon to attend a dinner and show. There was no required review in exchange, I just really wanted to let you know about this great venue. All opinions are my own.

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