It’s A Twitter Party!

Have you ever been to a Twitter party?

I know some of you are avid Twitter party guests, but maybe some of you aren’t even on Twitter. First of all, if you are not, you should be! It is really a great social media outlet. And can I tell you a secret? I even like it more than Facebook on most days. If you have not signed up for a Twitter account it is easy as pie, and free. If anything, you should sign up just to try it out for tonight’s fantastic Twitter party!

What’s a Twitter party? I’m glad you asked. A Twitter party is a scheduled time, online, where people get together using a hashtag (in this case, #HolidayMocktails) in their tweets to connect about a specific theme, brand or product, or just for pure and utter fun! Once you have RSVP’d your spot, you are all set. Grab a snack, sit in your pajamas and enjoy the chat tweets fly back and forth! Tonight there is a great Twitter party that I will be attending. A blogger friend of mine, Julie Elsdon-Height, has written a great book called Mocktails & More.

This is an e-book I am anxious to get my hands on. Mainly because I cannot mix a drink if my life depended on it! I love having friends over and creating great things to eat for children and adults. But when it comes to drinks, I know nothing. Julie has put together a great collection of mocktails that will be perfect for the holidays. A lot of friends really don’t drink, and if they do, they prefer not to if they are with their kids. So having a few mocktails up my sleeve will liven up my holiday get-togethers. With names like “The Grinch” and “Sleigh Bell Smoothie”, these mocktails are sure to please!

You know the other great thing about Twitter parties? There are prizes to be won! Tonight’s Twitter party prizes will include five PDF copies of Julie’s book, taxi vouchers from @TheTaxiGuy, some goodies from Molson Coors and a grand prize (I’ll give you a hint, the great people at Telus have something to do with it!).

If you can’t make it to the Twitter party (or you are still not ready to jump on the Twitter party train), click here to preview and purchase Julie’s book. You have the choice of an e-book, a softcover book or a hardcover book. It will make a great gift for someone this Christmas!

Twitter party details:
When: December 4th 9pm EST
Hashtag: #HolidayMocktails
Hosts: @soberjulie @MommyMatter @ThisLilPiglet

Hope to see you online tonight!

RSVP below for the party:

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