That August Mama Worry

I’m doing it again. I’m thinking too much. Yes, it’s a thing. And I can bet that most of you mamas are doing the very same thing right now. You may be enjoying your summer days with the kids but in the back of your minds, you are thinking about all the things. School supplies, labels, backpacks, sales on clothes. In fact, one of my dear friends is spending a good part of this day scouting out snow suits. Yes, it’s the epitome of #mamalife. We fret. We worry. We think ahead because we are smart. But when it is the worst, we overthink.

We spent a month of our summer in beautiful Europe and there was no overthinking. But the moment we got back, that went right out the window! I tried to relax and just take in the mornings, but then my mind began to spin and I was analysing what we had done and how much time we had left before school would start to squeeze in some more summer fun. Instead of enjoying the day in front of me, I was compartmentalizing the rest of the summer.

In my case, I have also been fretting about what post to get out next. What you, the reader, does not know, is the back-end of my posts. I fret a great deal about what to post live and when. For instance, I know that I haven’t posted anything for about two weeks now and my last posts have been review giveaways. I also know I have more giveaways to post and very soon deadlines need to be met. Working from home is phenomenal, but when the kids are home with us, I find it hard to break away and write. So there’s that too. Plus, I also have a TON of new content to share about travel, activities for kids, etc. and I just can’t figure out what to post first. * please read the question at the end of this post and kindly answer *

So here I am, with weeks still of our summer break, and I am in need of a good jolt. Maybe you are too. I was reminded of a brilliant moment I had at BlogHer2017 and I can’t think of a better time to remind myself to stop fretting. There were a few running themes at BlogHer and this was one of them. I had the great opportunity to sit with Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers, just after her panel discussion. I wish that I had videotaped everything she had said because it was hilarious and priceless! Here’s our quick chat:

So you see, even though I was with Deva talking about this just over a month ago, it seems my #mamalife syndrome got the better of me, and I was unable to just go for it lately.

Here’s what I would like to add.

  • You don’t have to be a blogger or vlogger to take this advice. No matter what your passion is; painting, swimming, taking long drives, whatever, don’t let “that August Mama Worry” settle in and stunt you from doing something.
  • Yes, it’s easier said than done. I am the case in point because I took this video weeks ago! But here is my invitation to myself to just write and post live. Waiting makes it SO much harder to get back into things. Trust me.
  • August is gonna get you – to those who unfortunately have finished their summer break, I’m sorry. I hope your summer ended well and here’s to getting back some time to yourself to do all the things you would like while the kids are at school. And to those of you who are still on break, try and relax a little longer to enjoy the last days of summer.
  • Jokes aside, summer is a great time to be with your kids. Yes, it gets hairy, and yes, there is more whining than should be allowed in any given situation sometimes, and yes, it can be dreadfully hard to not raise your voice when they never want to go to bed (never). But carving out little chats, fun giggles and meaningful moments is so important for all of you. I consider that to be a big a part of what I worry about too, because I want to have that for my kids and also for me. Lord knows time is zooming by and they are growing so fast.
  • Getting it done doesn’t mean doing a bad job, it just means not being a perfectionist, which in turn makes you stall, and basically never start. I swear I am writing this out more for me than for you. I am the worst when it comes to waiting on things. Ask anyone. I can’t tell you how many posts I have in draft right now…
  • Don’t be scared to go for it. I must admit, I was nervous to talk with Deva! So nervous I made it sound like that day was my actual birthday, when I really wanted to say was that I was celebrating the whole year. But I did it, and I’m so glad I did. She was so sweet and honest and PS, she started off with one video, people. Now look at her!!

So here’s to summer, mamas! May we survive the rest with less worry and more fun! May we enjoy the moments without pulling out our hair! And most of all, may we be kinder to ourselves and get things out because each of us has something special to offer this crazy, lovely parenting world.

*Here’s my question: What do you want to read more of here at ? As I mentioned, I have LOTS to share, but your input will help me decide what to share first. Thanks!

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