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As mamas, it is safe to say we all feel overwhelmed at times. Whether it’s juggling our family and career or deciding to go back to work, or feeling emotionally connected with the life we have made for ourselves, it all comes out in different times for different reasons. I’m sure there have been times when you thought, “if I could just get myself unstuck, I could do x,y and z”. I know I too, feel like that often.

Well, the other day I had the pleasure of getting to know a woman in one of the networking groups I attend frequently. Her name is Gabriela Embon and she and I discussed her business and her upcoming workshop taking place October 29th in Montreal. Here’s her story:

GabrielaEmbonGabriela was born in Argentina at a time when suffering was witnessed daily. Although she and her family were not in need of help, children would come to her family home asking for food. Something that has stayed with her, Gabriella’s perception of abundance started at an early age.

At fifteen years old, with the drive to change her family situation, she convinced her parents to move to Israel for a better life. There she became a strong over-achiever, studying chemical engineering in high school and genetic engineering in University at the same time.

After high school, Gabriela joined the army for two years where she met her husband, and had their first child. Still the over-achiever she began a Masters in business but decided to stop. Her husband’s dream was to move to Montreal and they made the decision to do so, where they had two more children. In Montreal she worked at Intel and had a successful career, a happy marriage, and three wonderful children. Gabriela seemed to have it all. But what Gabriela is doing with her life now is far different.

Somewhere in between the workaholic society of her career, and the gentle nudge of a tried and true friend, Gabriela’s professional side took a totally different turn. She realized her career was not her passion.

“You should become a life coach” said her friend one day, on a trip they were taking together, “you’re always helping me”. The seed was planted.

On Gabriela’s 35th birthday, before she blew out the candles, her wish was this: “I want to do what I want to do in my life”. Simple enough? Not really for some, and impossible to even grasp for others. But five months later, Gabriela woke up and knew that her path was to become a life coach.

After much in-person training, what struck her the most, was that she didn’t feel there were enough tools for her to help others. In fact, she said she had more questions than answers after her training. Coincidently, the same friend that planted the seed, suggested Gabriela read The Journey, by Brandon Bays. This, in turn, gave Gabriela more training, and she also did more training in the concept of abundance.

After all her training, combined with her exceptional life experiences, previous studies and career choices, Gabriela’s approach to helping others is very unique. If you are looking for sessions that drag on for years, allowing you to talk for hours about yourself, this is not the life coach for you.

Because of Gabriela’s engineering background, her left brain thinking will help you with easy-to-understand examples and simple solution approaches. Her right side thinking is also prevalent in her coaching, as she can tap into a more spiritual side as well. The combination is a full-bodied wisdom that comes out in quick and impactful sessions. In fact, Gabriela says she can help anyone with big changes in their lives within one to two months.

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds awesome. As a mama, I don’t have time for drama. I want a system that will help me work out my stuff, whatever it is, in a quick and simple way. If I’m going to commit, I want results. But here is the thing, Gabriela says the only thing you have to be willing to do is commit.

One of her analogies made perfect sense to me. She says, “If one of your legs has haematomas and causes you much pain as soon as anyone touches it, the solution is not a band-aid. You need to remove the haematomas in order for your leg to have less pain.  In my life coaching I find the root cause, in order for you to deal with what happens in life, with less pain.”

So what can you expect at the workshop?

If you attract negative patterns but don’t know why, if you want to create changes in your life but don’t know how, and if you have failed in the past with little or no results, this is for you. “If you are ready for change but you don’t know how to do it, this workshop will help you”, says Gabriela, “It can be about your career path, your relationship, or something purely emotional, I will reveal the formula to create change”.

So if you are ready to make big waves in your life, here are the details on the workshop (PS It’s only $20! Nice price for a big result):

MeetYourBoss - Gabriela Embon

To learn more about Gabriela and her other sessions and events, visit her website at


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however all opinions, as always, are honest and my own.


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