• It’s almost been two weeks since the Great Canadian Blog Bash took place, and it was fantastic! I have to be honest, I have yet to respond and visit all the blogger that attended the weeklong celebration. But the great thing is that the list is still available and I will make my way through all the great posts during the summertime. So if I haven’t responded to you – I will!

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  • I am so thrilled to be taking part in this fantastic event!

    Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Pampered Patty during my own networking/charity event. She’s wonderful! Since then, we have been keeping in touch via Twitter and our blogs. So when she told me she was going to put together a blog party with Whispered Inspirations, Mom vs. The Boys, Good Girl Gone Green and Kat’s Confessions to celebrate Canadian bloggers, I wrote it in my calendar and anxiously awaited the date!

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