Halloween Hangover

20 packs of Rockets
26 lollipops
19 bags of chips
11 full sized chocolate bars
62 individual chocolates
24 gummies of sorts
11 pieces of gum (!)
22 automatic throw-outs (you know, the sketchy stuff)

As I crawled out of bed today and was dragging my feet with every chore I did, I realized why I felt this way. I had a Halloween hangover. I only called it that later today when I saw my Twitter friends call this day by that name. It seems to be ‘a thing’. And you’d think a Halloween hangover would consist of a headache from consuming too much alcohol from a crazy party in town that I only got home from in the early morning. But no. Nope! I had this ‘hangover’ simply because I am a mama and I went trick or treating with my three children. Okay, that’s putting it mildly.

The rush of the day started at 8am when we began getting ready for M’s preschool party that began at 9am and it was said to supply breakfast (thank God!). All siblings were invited and we were encouraged to come in costume as well. So that’s just what we did! I helped the three little ones to wash up, go potty and get moving. Then they got dressed in their clothes with Papa MOE while I quickly changed, freshened up and gathered my accessories to make my costume come to life. I was ‘Spider Lady’. Not what I really wanted to be this Halloween but I didn’t have time to create a different costume from last year’s. Next we dressed all three in their costumes (M was a knight, O was a bunny and E was a monkey), taking into consideration the weather outside, and the fact that the costumes might cause problems with the car seat belts. With the right amount of layers, a diaper bag fully loaded with sippy cups of milk and extra everything, we were off. We got there with time to spare, in fact we seemed…early. Was that even possible?

The rest of the day consisted of a trip with the preschool to a haunted house nearby, a trip to grandma’s to show her the children all dressed up, lunch at grandma’s, then home for naps, a grocery run while they napped (would have loved a nap too), then woke up the children, had a snack, playtime, stories, got dinner ready, ate early, got into costumes again, met neighbors and went trick or treating in our neighborhood. After that was done and the children were toast, we jumped in the car to see a friend at her house for a Halloween visit, the children got a second wind, had a second dinner and dessert, got back into the car and brought everyone over to grandma’s again to see auntie and uncle, played, ate more, and then brought them all home for a quick change, brushed their dirty Halloween treat infested teeth, and went off to bed. Then I got to work and cleaned up a rushed dinner that was left out, as well as went through all the goodies the kids got to make sure all was OK. And after I put a load of laundry on, and put away most of the candies, I was done.

If you read to end of that paragraph, I’m sure you got tired just reading it!

And add to that, that I, Mama MOE, have been sick for a week and was just given meds for sinusitis! Yes!

Hey, it was a great day, a fun day! But…now you know why I had a Halloween hangover.

Our neighbors were very generous! But I will be throwing a lot of this junk out, sorry neighbors!

So what did your children dress up as? What goodies did you get? And what are you throwing out?

Hope to hear from you and I hope you had a very happy Halloween!

 PS The amazing owl graphic is from The Graphics Fairy. A fabulous site: http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/

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